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The Need

Recently one of our alumni, returned for a visit to the place he called home. He had seen the ranch double in size, additional homes for boys, animal programs, vocational programs and outdoor recreational activities. Yet he described a large need that he said still has not changed. He said “one thing is still the same as when he was here “kids still need an indoor place to play”. Whether their struggling with pent up energy or when there is bad weather, like snow & snow days, kids need to be active.

Would you please see this as an opportunity to help provide this need, by covering the cost to rent an indoor gym? Having an indoor area for the boys to play, learn teamwork, physical education, and an additional avenue for therapy is top on our list for the boys and staff to come together to grow in trust and bonding in one indoor location.

The Cost

Would you consider funding a special project of renting an indoor gym?

Would you help us rent a local gym for 3 days a week here in sunfield for $400 a month?