Speaking Engagements

Over the years, our staff at Sunny Crest Youth Ranch have had the great pleasure of speaking at community events and churches throughout the state of Michigan. They speaks of encouragement, hope and purpose. These speaking engagements not only promote awareness of what the Ranch is doing in the lives of others, but also brings awareness into why the Ranch is needed in the first place. 

Education/ School Guest Speaker

Our staff speaks to middle school and high school students on how to stay motivated and encouraged when life gets hard. Example topics Ron has done in the past:

  • How to Discover Your Passion

  • Bullying

  • Integrity

  • Asking Forgiveness, Being Humble

  • Athletics

Motivational/ Inspirational

Our staff speaks to children and adults who are need of hope and motivation. They've also spoken on leadership and building team unity. Example topics include:

  • Finding a Purpose

  • How to Empower Others

  • Finding Hope When All is Failing

  • Working Relationships

  • Marriage Anniversary Trips

  • Storytelling

  • The Lost Art of Work

  • Fishing and Working with Dad

Church Guest Speaker

Our staff speaks on the grace and mercy of the Lord. Example topics include:

  • How to Pray for Patience

  • How to Listen to God

  • Why Bad Things Happen

  • Answering a Calling

  • Family

Request a Guest Speaker

If you are interested in having one of our staff members be a guest speaker at an upcoming event, please complete the forms below and we will follow up with you!

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