We are accepting referrals of young men between the ages of 10 and 17 years old.  Referrals are accepted primarily from the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) and Local Court Systems.  We also accept private pay referrals.

The youth who are served by Sunny Crest Youth Ranch are those who DHS and the Court System have determined need out of home placement in a structured, open environment that offers 24 hour a day / 7 day a week supervision by staff that have experience working with youth who are at-risk.  In addition, youth receive individual and group counseling services to address trauma and related issues which have necessitated their placement. 

The youth are also are assisted with academic support and credit recovery.  SCYR works with the youth to develop an academic plan to help them gain as much academically as they can during their stay.

Sunny Crest Youth Ranch is licensed by the State of Michigan, Department of Human Services Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing as a Child Caring Institution.

Admission Process

Placement with Sunny Crest Youth Ranch is a 4 step admission process.

If this is a non DHS Referral please contact our admissions at team (517)507-3144 Ext.118
        *We do accept private pay

1. Initial Contact
SCYR is contacted via phone or email inquiry from a:

  • DHS caseworker

  • Court officer

  • Physician

  • Therapist

  • Family member

  • Legal guardian

An initial determination is made as to whether there is an appropriate match of SCYR services with the needs of the youth.

2. Document Request
The following documents will be required to make up complete referral packet:

  • Copy of commitment or placement and care order from the court

  • Copy of Foster Care initial service plan, updated service plan and closing service plans from prior placements.

  • MI Health or Medicaid recipient ID number. If not available it should be given to Sunny Crest Youth Ranch as soon as it is issued.

  • Educational reports when available

  • Copies of current Psychotropic medication consent for current prescriptions

  • Child's behavioral history including incidents of aggression or prior hospitalization.

  • Child placement history.

  • Treatment plan from prior placements.

  • Most recent Psychological reports if available.

3. Ranch Visit
The youth supervising worker along with the youth will be brought to the Ranch for a staff interview and tour. An Admission Questionnaire and a completed Admission Form are required at this time. We may interview will be conducted with the youth in his current placement.  Forms

4. Acceptance
Upon determination of acceptance, the referring party is notified and arrangements are made for the youth to become a Sunny Crest Youth Ranch resident. Three additional forms are required upon the youth's arrival. Forms

  • Medical Consent

  • Medication Consent

  • Photo Release