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A Horse and His Boy

by: Anonymous Rancher

I think some people think a hero is just a person or a human being, but my hero is my horse. Two years ago I did not know anything about horses. My hero is my horse because he is a therapeutic horse. He is also a great horse for riding. He knows when I am mad or irritated. The horse did very well at the Barry County Fair. We got third place in barrels and second place in speed in action. We were disqualified in poles because I forgot the pat- tern. We earned an A ribbon in our fair book. Overall, I did great in the events at the fair.

My horse is a Tennessee Walking Horse that weighs 1,126 pounds. He is 19 years old. We are going together to the fair this year. Another reason my hero is my horse, is that when he gets mad at me he never kicks me or anything. When his ears go back I do get a little worried that he will kick me, but he never has kicked me. He is very good at listening to me when it is time for him to eat, play, or go for a walk or run. He is also a trail horse, and he loves riding on the trails.

My horse gets scared easily. For example, if someone popped out of nowhere while I was riding him, he would jump. He is a chestnut and white pinto. He is a gelding. My horse is a great horse because he is the best at listening. Even though my horse is 19 years old, he is not going to retire until he is 30 years old. That means I have at least nine more years to spend with him. That’s plenty of time to spend with him. I can’t wait until we go to fair this year, because we will get more first places than we got last year. We will not disqualify out of any event this year. We might win Grand Champion or Re- serve Champion this year.

Some hard things about fair are cleaning up the manure or switching out the wood chips in his stall, and running him or taking him on walks. This year we will have a better year at fair.

My horse has taught me a lot about not just hors- es, but about caring for another living thing. My horse has taught me about sticking with something even if I don’t win. My horse has taught me about life. This is why my horse is my hero.



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