Staff Christmas Party at Sunny Crest Youth Ranch

Friday night, December 4th, the Ranch Staff, Board Members, special guests and our Ranchers celebrated Christmas.  The Flessner Home was decked out in its Holiday best and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. 

The event began with a potluck dinner and was culminated with pies made by the boys (with the help of Ms. Jane, of course).  After everyone had eaten their fill, there was a program beginning with a unique  version of “All I Want for Christmas” lead by our special choir of Ranchers.  Then our “Executive Leaders,” cheered on by the boys, presented the Staff with Christmas gifts, which was coveted Ranch gear, and applauded each one’s efforts to enrich the lives of everyone at the Ranch.  There were also a few special awards, including a “Where’s Waldo” award for Mike Owens, who is our “go to” guy and often hard to find.


At the end of the evening we were treated to a beautiful a cappella rendition of “O Holy Night” by Maurice.   Everyone went home with a feeling of enrichment from their involvement with the Ranch.