Sunflowers start small and vulnerable. They grow to be tall and strong. Sunflowers go through storms, drought, heat and flood, but they persevere. It takes a lot of energy to hold their head up, but they look to the sun for strength. The sunflower puts itself in position to directly receive the sun's gaze, and with that life giving light, they thrive. Once they succeed at their own growth a sunflower may spread as many as 2000 seeds, creating fields of beauty. The Sunflower symbolizes Strength, Faith, and Loyalty. It's very nature is to serve a purpose much larger than itself. 

Sunny Crest Youth Ranch has provided a life-giving support mechanism to abused and neglected boys for over 11 years. Just like the stalk of the sunflower provides a foundation of strength, roots, and life-giving water, Sunny Crest provides a safe environment for these youth with housing, discipline and resources, while teaching them life skills and faith. It is this foundation that provides the opportunity for these boys to blossom into the strong, capable and loving creatures of God that He intended. Much like the petals of the sunflower these boys persevere through rough times, are supported by the strength of the ranch, look to the Light for ultimate strength, and eventually grow into the best version of themselves, later spreading this joy to others throughout their lives. 

It is this mission that has inspired the Ranch to grow in 2020. We have increased staff and educational capabilities, added certifications to our operations, built and remodeled new housing, and plan to increase the features of our animal and other therapies. The need is greater than ever and Sunny Crest Youth Ranch is answering the call in this community. Having served over 149 boys in 11+ years, with an average stay of 2 years. When they graduate, our boys are equipped to attend college or trade schools, find employment, and live healthy, productive lives. The mission of Sunny Crest Youth Ranch is stronger and more effective than ever.

This is where you come in. With your support we have been able to do extraordinary things in the lives of these wonderful boys. Your financial gifts over the years have allowed us to show God's never-ending love to them, in ways that change and impact their lives forever. This year we have titled our annual campaign "Brighter Futures 2020". This is literally what your support provides. Brighter Futures for these very worthy young men. One of our beliefs is that EVERY child deserves the love and chance to develop into a mature, responsible, loving adult. This can only happen by breaking the horrible cycles of life that they grew up in, and providing them safety, skills, and compassion. These are the core elements of Brighter Futures. Please join us in the wonderful opportunity to provide these children of God a Brighter Future this year. 

Our overarching goal for 2020 and 2021 is to grow the capacity of the Ranch to help more youth, and help them with increasing effectiveness.


The 2020 annual budget for Sunny Crest Youth Ranch is $3,023,587.00. This is made up of a combination of government funding, grants, and public contributions. The breakdown below shows our need, and what we have brought in to date. 

We need your help to complete the Public Contribution portion and enable us to reach this years goals and accomplish the 2020 mission. 

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$125,000.00 Raised

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